openGL for my computer

I have some problems for find the openGL for my computer because my computer is old…
when I try to install the openGL the next document appear:

Please email this file to to receive notification of
driver updates.

This file’s path on your system is:

I don’t understand the text, but I supose that it is the specification for the openGL that I need…
Please, somebody help me…
P.D. sorry for my english, but I don’t know very well…

Well its a common misconception that you need to “install” OpenGL. Its there, you only need display drivers that support it.

I do agree that (the outdated and no longer supported) GLSetup.exe can lead to that assumption and I personaly wish they would never had named the thing “GLSetup”.

GLSetup is/was nothing more then a small utility that tries to figure out what kind of 3d card you use and download the appropriate drivers for it (There was also a big package that contained a couple of drivers which are now WAY outdated).

All you need to do is:

-figure out what kind of 3d card you own
-go to the manufacturers website
-download the newest driver & install it.

There are some problems though:

The card you have a) does not support OpenGL at all or only partly, b) the driver is a piece of crap, c) you messed with your system and broke OpenGL already.

And dont expect to get an answer from its long gone (for good reasons).