OpenGL for ATI

I recently upgraded my computer from a lousy Intel Extreme 64mb integrated graphics to an ATI Radeon 9250 256mb PCI. The card does quite well except for games that use OpenGL. They try to start but act as if there is no OpenGL on my computer. Any help would be appreciated!
Games I’m having problems with: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Specs: Windows XP Home Edition SP2
ATI Radeon Driver:

That should be if you have catalyst 5.12
I think it should run on your card because the minimum is 9200 and Geforce 3Ti

When I try to load Jedi Academy it says “Failed to load OpenGL Subsystem”. KOTOR just starts and then gives me the infamous message “Knights of the Old Republic has incountered an error and needs to shutdown, We’re sorry for any inconvienience.”

I’ve checked my system for anything relating for OpenGL, and found lots of dll’s and extensions and things. All of my other games work fine…

Try running GLinfo2.
On the page it presents, it should say
Driver version : some numbers
Vendor : ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer : Radeon 9200 x86/MMX/SSE…
OpenGL version : …

What does the OpenGL version say?

Also, visit the lucas arts page, download the patch, if any, for your games.

It shows:
Driver Version:
Vendor: Microsoft Corp.
Renderer: GDI Generic
OpenGL Version: 1.1.10

I need GL Version 1.4 to play these games yet I have no idea where to download it. ATI has some of the best graphics cards, but the worst, most confusing support site I have ever seen! Any help on downloading 1.4 would be nice.

Go to
I think you need a browser with javascript support enabled.
Click on “Drivers & Software”
Click on “Windows XP Drivers and Software”
“Catalyst 5.13 Windows XP - Driver Download”

and download. Make sure you are logged in as admin on your PC. Close all programs. Close all virus checkers.
Run the installer. Reboot.
That will install the latest GL drivers.
Run GLinfo2 to check

Thanks soo much Deguy! If I need anything else, I’ll know where to go!