opengl fix for voodoo cards on CS

when i had my voodoo 3, I used Dozer XP 3rd party drivers. it works so awesome like on DoD. I used opengl and it has Wicked 3D enhancement. it look so awesome even though its voodoo 3, i cant believe it and its fast too. But i didn’t installed it like the usual way, i used the add hardware then chose the .inf of dozers 3dfx drivers for xp. you can d/l it at

Anyway, i upgraded my videocard to Geforce 4 Ti4200 and the "your videocard doesn’t support opengl"crap is back again. Since Nvidia don’t have wickedgl or wicked3d support (i think) i’m soooo frustrated how to fix this because its not the same as voodoo’s. Anybody have a clear and definite fix? btw, i tried old drivers but didn’t work. Glsetup doesn’t support winxp so i couldn’t run it properly even though i tried to run it on compatability mode.
Need help!!! I read other threads on this board but can’t find a better answer.

Uninstall your drivers and reinstall from

Trust me, Your Ti will kick the crap out of that old POS.