OpenGL fails for CS

My Problem is:OpenGL which is supported by my 3D Prophet 2 MX 64Mb video card does not work when i want to play a game called Counterstrike. A message comes up on the screen “The selected OpenGL mode is not supported by your video card”.

I have tried downloading and installing versions 1240 and 1410 drivers. I use Defualt driver and at the moment i use Direct3D which isnt as good as OpenGL. If you can suggest anything i havent tried please say.

My system is:

Intel Pentium III 600Mhz
MS Windows 98 SE
40GB Hard disk
3D Prophet II MX 64MB

I have the same problem with the same game. But is with an voodoo3 3000.
runs only in direct3d.

P3 1ghz @ 1.05ghz
512 mb SDRAM
Voodoo 3 3000
Windows XP final

I worked why my openGL doesnt work. Because my motherboard isnt AGP 2.0 Compatible So therefore i need a motherboard upgrade if have a chance of playing with OpenGL . DAve it might be the same for you i dont know

Set the Driver thing as Default not Mini-3dfx in the video mode options thing, that should work

I just bought a GeForce 2 MX/400 64 MB graphics accelerator and I seem to always freeze when i play Counter-Strike… I think its because im running a crappy PCI instead of AGP. Oh well if u have a solution plz reply!