OpenGL extensions missing

Ok. So I was playing GuildWars with a stable configuration. I began to experience some lock ups. Thought it was due to WindowsXP updates, so I updated my NVIDIA drivers (9600GT). I had been running stable under SP3 for 8 months. Since attempting to update the drivers, I have been unable to run GuildWars or even testing tools without an OS “hang” or Lock up. After a lot of driver cleanup/reinstall I am at this point and directed to you for answers:

FurMark 1.7 - benchmark and stability tests all pass.

GPU_Caps_Viewer GPU_Caps_Viewer 1.7 OpenGL Demo for HDR + DoF + Radial Blur. This ran for about 6 seconds then the screen went black, flickered with artifacts, then went black and OS was unresponsive (Alt+ESC) etc…

OpenGL Extensions Viewer:
I individually ran each OpenGL version tests.: 2.1 - ARB_pixel_buffer_object not supported 2.0 - ARB_shader_object not supported 1.5 and 1.4 - ARB_multitexture not supported 1.1, 1.2, + 3.0 - Passed test

Any information would be most appreciated as to how in the world these extensions are missing and how to get them properly registered. This happens even with Rolled-back drivers from NVIDIA.