OpenGl extension


I’m new and I have OpenGL 2.1 on my laptop. I just want to know if I can download OpenGL extension to upgrade a little bit or not.
If yes, where(post the link plz)?

I have OpenGL viewer and it’s say that I can have some part of OpenGL 3.0 and 3.1, but not all. Can it’s possible to download just the file I can or I need to have another laptop?
Extension is better?


PS: When you will answer my question, I will just say you (moderator) to delete my account. Not now, but it’s just that I have too much account on different site and I created this one for just one question.

PS#2: Just if you want to know the game I want to play, It’s Il2 1946. It’s a simulation of WW2 aircrafts and the game is better in OpenGL version. When I tried, the cloud have line in them and I can’t have 3D water with wave. The ground is so busy too, the ground have pixel flash…

OpenGL extensions are part of your OpenGL implementation. IE: your graphics driver. So you don’t just sort of download some GL extensions.

The best you could do is download some new drivers. But that would only work if your hardware can handle higher GL versions.

Ok thx

It’s bad for me :frowning:

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