OpenGL extension error

I bought Battlefield Vietnam yesterday and the game runs fine. But when I tried the map editor, it immidiately popped up with “I require WGL_EXT_swap_control OpenGL extension to work.” Then it popped up saying that I should update my video driver. I have an Intel 82845G integrated graphics card. I have the latest update and Intel stated that they would no longer update the driver. What actions could I take to fix this?

from this (search for “intel”) :

  • buy a better card
  • complain to game developer until they give you a fix

Unfortunately, Intel doesn’t even make that controller anymore; they don’t interactively support it either:

For the best OpenGL support (great D3D support as well), look at the NVIDIA GeForce series, like a 6600/6800/7800 (bigger numbers are better, but more expensive).

I want to get me a 128mb graphics card at Frys for $30, but my computer is still under warranty.

Newegg is pretty sweet:

Lots of search filters and plenty of owner reviews. Customer service is top-notch.

The pickings are mighty slim at 30$. You’ll need to spend around at least 75-100$ to get something decent. If you go with something marginal, you’ll soon be in the same pickle again (or worse).