openGL ES: While loop causing a win32 error

Well, as it turns out, i do have some extra issues with my system that i cant seem to work out, mostly based on the interaction between the two different shaders. Would you be willing to keep giving me a hand? If the issues are environment-side, this process usually helps me figure out exactly how anyway. Since i’m pretty sure they would be related to the interaction between GMS2 and opengl.

Its totally cool if you’ve had enough of this confusing chain as hell though.

Just ask the question; if anyone has suggestions or comments, they’ll make them.

But bear in mind that most of us here don’t have any experience with GM, so you’ll need to do what you can to eliminate that from the discussion. So you’ll probably need to conduct tests where you dump out the values of attributes and/or uniforms to the target, as there’s no other way to reliably determine those values. Telling us what you pass to GM doesn’t tell us what GM passes to OpenGL.

Actually, i will post this as its own thread, just so i can cover everything in the first post.