OpenGL drivers broken?

why my openGL driver broken??
my desktop is windows xp 32bit
please help me…
i had reinstal my vga but it doesn’t effect…

As a bare minimum you should have at least tell us what GPU you have.

NVIDIA GeForce GT240
Approx. Total Memory : 1024.0 MB
Main Driver : nv4_disp.dll
version : 6.16.0013.0142(english)
WHQL Logo’d : Yes
Mini VDD : nv4_mini.sys
VDD : n/a
DDI Version : 9 (or higher)

is that enough?
sorry i don’t really understand about computer :frowning:

A post in “User software, hardware and gaming help” would have been more likely to get you a good answer. This part of the forum is for people writing OpenGL programs; many of the people reading this part of the forum might even have no idea what to do here. That doesn’t mean you should make another post - that will only mess things up even more.

Aside from that, where did you download your driver from? NVIDIA or Microsoft or you’re computer’s manufacturer’s site?

Also: why do you think your drivers are broken?

ok… thanks :slight_smile:
yes i do… i download driver from NVIDIA site

maybe 4 month later,i play final fantasy 7 in pc…
and there’s no problem
now i want to play final fantasy 7 in pc again,but the graphic game is broken…
then i see the config and i see the word “openGL driver (BROKEN)”
i don’t know what’s going on… @_@

Try running
and see what it says about the GL version and who the renderer and vendor is.

Also, have you tried other GL based games like Quake 3, Doom 3, Half-Life 1?

this is the result

not yet…
i don’t have that programs…

It looks fine since it says GL_RENDERER Geforce GT and GL_VERSION 3.3 and also the extension info at the bottom
therefore that program is able to create a GL context and get information with from the GL driver.
Try reinstalling the game. Also, try some other games that I mentioned. Download the demo version.

Also, I found this