opengl doesnt seem to like my pc!!

i hav win XP and a GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB
none of my opengl games seem to run properly

its like there are 2 screens really close together and the game is blurred, if i change any video settings the blur is gone but the aim is incorrect, also i have to turn down hardware accelration just to make the game run at all

I get similar errors with jk2 but when i change a video setting everything is fine but im missing part of the left side of the screen

I also recently bought Neverwinter Nights, the game runs, shows the logos and the opening movie and then all i get is a black screen with a hand as a kind of cursor, if i randomly click around the screen i here noises as if ive clicked something

sorry this is quite long

any help wud b appreciated
*note: i have the newest drivers