Ive recently deleted opengl.dll and i belive opengl132.dll i’ve spent 40 hours plus trying to find a way i can get these two files back here is what i have tried (i do not wish to re-format is possible)

i’ve trying getting all the latest drivers from tryed to find a windows update on win98 se cd disk, tried to find a update on, tryed using my catalyst driver cd-rom that came with my raideon and soon am going to try to upgrade to winXP and see if there’s a differance any help would be apperciated as i am waiting and searching the site for help thank you

Let’s start with two simple questions:

  1. What is your video card?

  2. Why are you randomly deleting system files?

I really dont get it.

People go and delete/overwrite system files without knowing their purpose just to be surprised that certain things dont work anymore.

However, the OpenGL32.dll is part of Windows and you will find it in one of the .cab files on the original CD.

Hint: Dont change/delete/overwrite anything in one of the system folders EVER AGAIN.