opengl display problem

Hello folks !

i have a little problem with a Geforce 2 MX 400: i’m running discreet 3ds max 4.2 on an Athlon 1.2 gig with 384 Ram and win2k pro (and secondary monitor on pci matrox)
all was fine until yesterday, for some reason my maps don’t show up in viewports anymore, i don’t know why, i’ve tried many things, and finally switched my viewport display to old max’s HEIDI drivers, and maps show up… so i tend to think that it comes from the opengl ?

thanks !


Contrary to public believe, computer dont chance their configuration over night (same goes for passwords). They just dont have a own will, they are slaves to their users.

So somebody must have changed or installed something (new drivers, some cool new shareware, some must have software accelerator/optimizer, …) on that system that caused the problem.

To cure a disease, look for the cause.

sorry, i should have explained things a bit more : stated that i am myself a graphist, i do work every day on the machine, and on others, and i’ve been doing this for a couple years now.
Talk to me about public beliefs…i’m the first one to know that there is a cause, and that is exactly what i’m looking for on this forum.

The machine actually rendered all week-end, a 200 frames animation or so, using net rendering features of Max. Coming on monday morning, i started by a clean reboot, and the problem showed off as soon as i restarted Max; it is still there, btw, and i had to switch to the HEIDI drivers to work with ease (well, working without opengl is really no fun … )

Because during the day i have lots of work and absolutely no time whatsoever to install and install over and over again display drivers or the software itself (as i have not found where it comes from as of yet, i still consider the software might be the problem or part of it), i don’ really have the time to track down the bug, already have i lost a day going thru all hardware/software, and in max, overviewing anything that could cause or solve any display problem - thing is the system i just reinstalled like two weeks ago, it’s clean as can be.

Hence the why of my posting a desperate call for help here, to see if anybody would have had something like this or close, hints ?
That is to say, i’m looking for some help here.

oh - and no one has its hands on machines when they are rendering, i guarantee that



Ive been getting the same problems as you, except that they have always happenend on my geforce 2 but not prior to that on my old gl card.
Still cant find out why it doesnt work either.