OpenGL directory

I recently bought a new graphics card for my aging PC. It’s an NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 with 32mb.
Now as far as i know, this is OpenGL compatible, but because of the nature that i bought this part, it didn’t come with driver disks. Not a problem, since everything is downloadable these days, driver-wise.

I got the OpenGL driver…okay…??
but because of the way it is (self-unpacking executable) it just dumps the files into where ever it is. None of the included documentation or the website tells you what file folder to put it into.

So as a result, i have OpenGL but the system doesn’t recognize it.

What do i have to get this system to recognize the drivers?

FYI, there is a setup.exe in those files that you should execute. Im sure there is a readme.txt too.

Before doing that, uninstall the old drivers using the Add/remove software or go into the control panel system and remove the old video card listed.

I think a lot of people make the mistake of not uninstalling the old drivers and they and up wondering what went wrong. There is a ton of **** about getting “could not load opengl subsystem” in quake3 games or games based on quake3

Thanks… but…

there is no setup.exe
just the DLL and LIBs

Then, get the drivers directly from nVidia (