OpenGL + DigitalPaintball = not working

Hey all.
After upgrading my RAM from one 128MB stick to two 256MB sticks, DigitalPaintball (a mod for Half-Life) now doesn’t work in OpenGL mode.

Heres a pic of my onboard GFX adapter properties page:

I have tried downloading OpenGL from your site, but you say to download it from the hardware guys… and I can’t find OpenGL for download on the S3 site (which is poorly designed IMHO).
I have also posted on the Digital Paintball forums… but they are a little lax in giving support.


>> and I can’t find OpenGL for download
Just get your graphic driver from here :

>> on the S3 site (which is poorly designed IMHO).
They designed it like their cards :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded the drivers from there… no success.

The Prosavage is an integrated 3d chip that uses part of the main memory as video memory. I guess after you upgraded the memory windows “re”-detected it and installed the microsoft generic drivers which dont support OpenGL at all.

To verify that open the “device manager”->“display adaptor”->“driver”. What does it say under “driver provider”?

P.S.: Now that you have 512MB of RAM you could reserve 32MB instead of the meager 16MB as video memory (there must be an option in the BIOS to do that).

“S3 Graphics, Inc.”

also, i have 1GB of RAM, so how much should I allocate to gfx?

Originally posted by <M2Ys4U>:
“S3 Graphics, Inc.”

Ok, so much for the microsoft driver theory…

Could you please run glinfo

and tell us what it says under “vendor” and “renderer”?

I thought you replaced 1x128MB with 2x256 MB sticks, so I guess you had the two other 2x256 sticks already?

Anyhow, I think the prosavage only allows up to 32MB of video ram, so thats what I would pick.

oops, my bad - read as 2x 512MB :smiley:

Diwnloading && running now

Vendor: S3 Graphics, Incorperated
Renderer: ProSavage/Twister

Also, OpenGL Version: 1.1 2.40.121

Thats looks ok too. Did you do something else to your system? Installed Matlab for example?

No, just installed new RAM :s