OpenGL + Counterstrike!!!

I know alot of people have trouble with openGL and counterstrike like its not supported and what not.

Heres my problem. At first when i played the game in openGL it just crashed, so then i upgraded to the latest drivers and now what happens is, my screen will flicker while i play and after about 10-20 mins my game will crash giving me a error saying somthing like…
C+++ Runtime error
Abnormal program termination.

I’ve got XP Pro and a Geforce 4ti200.

Anyonw know any solutions on stopping this.

Or what might be causing this. Like my power supply maybe, i don’t know.

I’ve tried almost eveything i can think of, upgrades, downgrades, Reinstall even reformat.

Any more ideas will be much appriciated.

I solved my problem (could not play Half life or other modes of the game in another mode the Sofware !! so i had no opengl nor direct3d)

my drivers were are all up to date (leadtek gforce4 mx440 running on wind2k) i downloaded this :
nVidia Refresh Rate Fix MKII for Detonator 40.41
(nividia’s scripte modified by a programmer)

at this addresse :

and reduced my screen rate from 85hz to 75hz

now half life runs smooth and fine

I just tried that tool, playing the game on both 75 and 85hz but i am still getting the same error.

Any more suggestions anyone?

Go on a CS (i found my solution on a DOD site)dedicated site and see forums for tech help there are most often OPENGL threads since OPENGL is the best way to run the HALF LIFE motor and GEFORCE cards dont like OPENGL technologie

anyway DOD is better than CS