opengl card for dual 1.8 g5


I hope this is the correct forum for my quest. I have been searching for an opengl card for my PPC dual 1.8 and not have found anything promising. It had been suggested to me to look into an ati 9600 or a nivdia 6600/6800, but as I searched the manufacturer sites neither of these seem to exist. So, does it mean that my computer is too old and I will not be able to upgrade to an opengl card unless I buy a more current system?

At wits end

Those cards are 6 years old! They’re ancient! So, its no wonder the vendors don’t talk about them anymore. Who exactly is suggesting those cards to you?

I don’t know anything about ATI/NVidia support for PPC. NVidia’s driver download page doesn’t have any apparently PPC drivers out there. What card/drivers do you use now?

Also, what buses does your PPC system support? AGP 4X/8X? PCI? (Probably not PCI Express…)

And what do you want to use this card for? Gaming? Or just learning OpenGL, with as close-to-latest-gen card as you can get on the cheap?

Those recommendations were given to me on an Apple forum that I was on. Go figure. As far as drivers, I have found most are not for 1.8 dual PPC’s.

I currently have a GeForce FX 5200 which is on an AGP bus(not sure about 4x/8x). In addition to this I have three PCI slots.

The reason I’m looking for an opengl card is because I have Photoshop cs4 extended which requires an opengl card in order to utilize it’s 3D and advanced navigation features.

the driver for macOS cannot be downloaded from the AMD website, because they are distributed by apple directly.

one of the most recent card you may be able to buy is this one:

according to adobe’s requirement webpage, it should be supported.

Thank you. I will look into it.