OpenGL API without 3D support?

Hi there!
I’ve got a Kyro 2 Graphic-Card and have trouble with Half-Life’s Worldcraft 3.3 editor, which uses OpenGL to render.
The Z-Buffer seemes to make trouble.
After searching around for help, I’ve got a question:
Is there an OpenGL32.dll , which DOESN’T SUPPORTS 3D Accelerators?
Which only uses Software/ the CPU to render?
Without removing the Graphic-Card?
I think my Duron 800 can handle Worldcraft in Software mode, but it asks for the OpenGL32.dll

I am not very concerned with OpenGL and all this API stuff, so please tell me if I am asking for something “impossible”.
Gunnar Hoffmann

I don’t own a Kryo, but AFAIK there’s a way to enable “true” Z buffering on it, which might help.

Regarding software rendering, you could probably go to the registy and “un-register” the ICD. I don’t remember where it it’s registered, but you’ll probably find it with a little searching.

Another option is to go do the “troubleshooting” options in the advanced display options, and reduce the acceleration level before you run the program. You can get software OpenGL this way.