OpenGl Animating png layers

I’m new to the concept of OpenGL, I want to use it to animate png layers. Is there a good online resource that demonstrates this. Where can I go to achieve this? Many thanks

It’s unclear how you think that OpenGL will assist you in that task. Perhaps you could clarify that.

OpenGL is primarily a rendering API, typically used when rendering via GPUs. It has no direct interaction with image file formats such as PNG, including animation extensions such as APNG or MNG. Any interaction with that format is going to have to be through libraries you employ or code that you write.

Would you know where these libraries are available from and do they have examples?
I’m looking for an alternative way to animate png using a text-based language instead of blender (which is why I’m looking at openGL).

Not off-hand. You might also consider animated GIF. Sounds like it may be more widely supported.

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I’ve been creating 2d character models is openGL, not the tool to animate them?

…also I’ve doing more basic stuff than moving 2d models and just moving moving png files (layers from gimp) across the frame.Is this where I need to find a library that does that. Again (sorry) if thats true and if anyone body knows one, please holla ! cheers… So far I’ve only seen openGL tutorials that show you how to make a triangle!