OpenGL and XP just don't get along...

Hello all! I’ve been monitoring the discussion about openGL on windows XP. It’s obvious there are problems there. I get the same problems that everyone else seems to run into.

I had an ATI All-In-Wonder (32 DDR) and was getting the same “cannot open…” message that everyone else seems to be running into these days. I get this message on MOHAA and Wolfenstein. Also, I can only run Counterstrike in Direct 3D mode and when I exit a game, I can only get back in if I quit counterstrike all-together and then relaunch it.

I thought it was the ATI card, and since I was planning on upgrading anyway, I bought an xtreme Nvidia MX 440 (64 DDR) dual display card. But that didn’t solve the problem. From reading these entries in the forum, and doing plenty of research on the web, it’s obvious that XP was just not made to run OpenGL. That’s really unfortunate.

Does anyone have an ETA on when “they” are going to fix this problem? No amount of fixes, patches, or upgrades seems to make the problem go away. I’m tired, worn, and run-down and out of resources to find a solution.

If you think you have an answer, please help. I appreciate it.