OpenGL and Win2k... it flickers, @ 60 Hz

I’m new using w2k for gaming with openGL… I testet Half-Life and other Software, and they all run @ 60 Hz as soon as video-mode switches to OpenGL or Direct3D (@ all possible resolutions)my monitor is capable to run 1024x768 @ 100 Hz and in w9x it did so… what is my problem… if there is no solution I gonna die because of too much headache :wink:

AMD 1 GHz, ASUS A7V, GeForce 2 GTS Pro, 256 Ram etc…

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i have the exact same problem, does it with Tribes 2 and Quake 3 (haven’t tried any other yet) my config is as follows:

Win 2k (no service pack yet, gonna try that in a bit)

Geforce 2 GTS 32mb, det 10.80 drivers
DX 8.0

the thing is, my bro has the same prob and he’s using Whistler, he uses a voodoo 3. i’m guessing the problem is with the NT opengl.

I found a solution for this problem, but it only works with nVidia cards… you should try to use the “nvreffix” tweak from, there you can change the refreshrate from every 2D/3D resolution very easy :slight_smile: BUT IT DOESN’T WORK with Ati cards !!! (my friend’s got one)

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i had the same problem with WINDOWS whistler (see earlier post for help) I just forced the driver that i wanted to use and I’m back playing CS at my old win me fps.
I am using the box drivers for nvidia geforce2 mx and its open gl driver win 2k version