Opengl and Never Winter Nights

OS = Windows XP Pro

I have an Ati radeon 9700 pro graphics board in my PC and the latest Ati drivers which include, supposedly Opengl.

Never Winter Nights configuration utility keeps telling me it cannot detect opengl on my system why is this and what can I do about it?

Hey, If U have news on this please mail me:

I have the same problems with the same game

you need to to access your computer in safe mode. once your in safe mofe you need to get to your device manager. once there look at your video cards , delete all the extras except for the video card driver your using.
this only works in safe mode,because you will not see the extra drivers loaded in regular mode.
restart your computer and try again.
FYI- when you update your video card you need to remove all the orginal drivers from your PC or your computer will have conflicts like this , when it trys to run certain programs , it gets confused between what it has to choose from.
it worked for me.