openGL and Microsoft

OK initially I installed XP onto a system with an s3 savage 4 agp video card and IT WORKED FINE this was after never getting it to work with 9x (I don’t know if this happened to others but in 9x ogl would be fine in single player but would freeze in multiplayer online UNTIL the day I got dsl and a static ip adress which is when I discovered that it would only freeze if dun was installed this is my observation never found any other info. jfyi) anyway back to the prob it worked recently I reinstalled xp and half life constantly reports that ogl is not available after trying every driver i could find I gave up and now i just slapped an nvidia tnt2 which was working fine on a diff system into this one and updated to the latest referance detonator drivers and it still says it by the way I reinstalled windows again thinking i did something wrong and it was a no go

I do not know about XP but on win9X can the hardware acceleration be disabled by putting a line with DVA in win.ini