OpenGL and KyroII

Greeting ppl,

I have been trying to update my OpenGL drivers using the latest GLSETUP file.

When the installation begins it checks the OpenGL website for the required updates and then returns a message stating that i am using an older version of the GLsetup file, which then aborts the process. If i continue and ignore this warning, i get no response from the server.

What is happening and what should I do ?

Please help a confused man !

If glsetup does nt work for your card can you get the latest driver directly from the manufacturer.

I’m having the same problem with my Kyro 1
video card (Hercules Prophet 4000 xt).
I’ve already installed the latest driver and still I’m having problems with Opengl games.
Quake 3 arena must be played with Gl extensions off or else my systems hangs after a time. Also Gl hexen 2 en 3D doom gives me problems. I think we have to wait for new drivers ?

It can also be some problems with AGP. You could try to change the BIOS settings for it.

i have to a 4000 xt pci ,why does the most games don’t work,ly screen always fliperring, what do in need to do ,i have opengl,but what do i need to chose,my msn and e-mail is