OpenGL and its extensions

How do i use the extensions for OpenGL? When I try to open a certian program on my PC, it gives me an error that says “I require the WGL_EXT_swap_control extension to work.” Any ideas as to how to fix this?

You will need to download the latest video drivers. Then try glinfo at to get the list of your supported GL extensions. If it does not show the one you need, you may try the mesa software implementation, slow, but works. (google for it)

What program and what pc (video card, drivers, ram, cpu etc) are you talking about ?

Im trying to use Battlecraft1942 (a map editor for Battlefield1942®) My computer is an HP 533w, Graphix card is an Intel®82845G/GL, with Win XP Home. RAM: 768
Processor is an Intel Celeron 2.00GHz.

I just downloaded the latest drivers and that did not fix the problem…

Also, I used the program that you posted and it says that i have the correct extension

Well, if glinfo says you have it, then the problem seem to be the editor. Maybe go in the forums here or maybe the battlefiled website.