OpenGL and Half Life / Counter Strike

I’m running a 700mhz PIII with a GeForce256 and 256 megs of Ram. I have all the most recent drivers, and have recently upgraded to XP.

When running half-life or counter strike, I can run OpenGL. In other words, the game loads. But what I get is essentially a sticky-keys effect. When I hold “forward,” I keep moving forward after I release the key. Mouse movement isn’t registered while I’m moving forward – it cues up, so once I’m done moving the mouse movement will have an effect. If I try to move from side to side while moving forward, those commands cue up too.

The game works in Software Mode, and won’t even run in D3D, so I’m pretty sure that the problem is specific to OpenGL (and only when there are other users on a server, which I think is the weirdest part. If I’m alone in my own server, OpenGL works just fine). Any advice would be much appreciated.

Did you reinstall your video drivers after upgrade? and download the XP drivers. I suggest going with v30.82 since your card is so old.

30.82 didnt work, and neither does 53.03 (the newest). i remain stumped.
does OpenGL every have any direct compatability issues with keyboards or mice? i cant think what else it would be.
still confused by the fact that it only happens when another user is on a server, too

Ok, you’re going to have to explain this whole “server” thing. Is your computer setup as the server? Is it a client? What kind of network is it? Etc. etc.

I had the same problem but returned the gfx card