OpenGL and GeForce4 TI4400

I have a GeForce4 TI4400, on all open GL based games, they load up and then the games shut off and give me an error message. I am running windows xp pro, an athlon XP 1700CPU. 1GB DDR ram. 7200rpm 8mb buffer g=hard drive, SB Audigy Sound card. I have also downloaded all the newest drivers. The games also don’t work on my dad’s computer he has a GeForce3 TI500 and windows XP home as well as 1GB DDR ram. And also has the latest drivers. But my cousins computer has no trouble running these games. He has an athlon 1.33ghz with 512DDR ram. and a 64mb GeForce 2 GPU. He is running windows me though. DOes anyone know if there is an issue with the TI series graphic cards, openGL, and Windows XP.