OpenGL 2.0

Hello, this is my first message to that forums.

I am using OpenGL 1.2 and I’d like to start using OpenGL 2.0.
What are the new features of OpenGL 2.0 and where can I get the necessary dll and lib files?

OpenGL 2.0 hasn’t been released to the public yet. Only people who have access to prototype hardware/drivers can use it.

(Thats means if you dont have a 3DLabs P10 prototype you have to wait)

Whats keeping the 2.0 spec??

It was scheduled for August 31st…

What happened?

Good questions but since 2.0 was cut back so much that is actually only a 1.6, I dont care to much.

Check the front page of the site. GL2 got released yesterday. Based on past experience, you probably won’t see drivers for another 2-3 months yet, maybe a bit longer.