openGl 1.3 and gainward geforce3 ti200 ?

i have the gainward geforce 3 ti200 running w/98 second edition on a dell xpsr1000 using the nvidia 22.50 clocked at 200/458.

i see in gainwards specs it shows the api’s supported as openGL 1.2 and below.

but i see on my computer in mdk2’s launcher app it gets opengl info and it shows my openGL as 1.3. this was probably done when i installed game and asked if i wanted latest version of opengl and of course i said yes.
also in properties section of nvopengl.dll in my nvidia 22.50 drivers i run ti shows 1.30

is this a problem as far as compatibility is concerned?
everything seems to be ok and games are awesome but am i limiting something by doing this?