OpenGL 1.2 and Above Driver for Intel 810E

Hello Everybody,

I have WinXP, Intel 810E onboard graphics card.
I downloaded and installed the latest graphics driver version 6.7 for it.

But whenever i try to play a game called “BackAlleyBrawl”, it gives me error that my system has OpenGL 1.1 (4.xxxx) version while, this game requires atleast 1.2 and above.

As per OpenGL site, i searched whole of intel site for update OpenGL driver, but did not list anything for it.

Can anybody tell me how to update the OpenGL 1.1 driver to 1.2? or even to the latest 1.5 specification?


If the manufacterer has not provided a newer version of OpenGL for your video “chip”, then there probably is not one.

The 810E is pretty old integrated video.

Originally posted by Uh:
The 810E is pretty old integrated video.

True, not to mention that it was already sub-standard when it was NEW.