opencl spec 1.2 Traditional Chinese version beta1

Hello, after several years study on Context for typesetting,
I’m glad to announce the beta1 of OpenCL spec 1.2 Traditional Chinese version.
Just as lilei9110 said, the old 1.0 chinese version has a lot of errors.
I have dropped the 1.0, and retranslate according to the 1.2 spec.
the main references is wiki,
It may still has a lot of errors, although I have tried my best to make sure the accuracy.
That is just the reason of “beta”.

the known problem:

  1. no front cover
  2. no figure, (I’m studing the MetaPost.)
  3. the number and the cross-reference in the appendix has some display error.

BUT, just say the typesetting, the Context is not a little better than the MS word,
you can check the right align about every line.

Finally, Advice and suggestions are welcome, not only content, but also typesetting, and any others.


download address:

some terms, such as “call”, “pointer”, “declare”, …,
is still translated according to the simple chinese convention,

I’m collecting those terms’ Traditional tralation, and will fix that soon

the size of 1.2 beta1 is 1.8MB,
the size of 1.0 is 3.6MB,
the advantage of context is so obvious,
although part reason is that the 1.2 splitted the extension chapter to a seperate document.

ther beta2 of it:

the front cover: