OpenCL slower than openGL.

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   I am working on OpenCL, have written a code in opencl which is 8 times slower than that of OpenGL.

Will opencl be powerful if we use image buffer objects.

Now next i am planning to work on opencl opengl interoperabiloity , what is the importance of this how actually can this give the increase in performance without compramising to quality.

Why is opencl 8 times slower than that of opengl than what is the use of opencl.

What are the advantages of opencl opengl interoprability.

what is the roll of image buffer in performance in opencl.

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Maybe the question you need to ask yourself is: how is it possible that running on the same hardware one version of my program is 8 times slower than the other? Could the problem be how the slower version of the program is written rather than the API?

ha ha you are right . But let me say you one thing in my OpenCL code is bit exact to that of C code, but there are changes in OpenGL code , but that must not result in 8 times speed up. I just wanted to know the reason like why is that so , using textures is faster than buffer object?? if so to what extent?? what algorithm are good in OpenCL and OpenGL?? I have tried my level best we have many good performing modules (our median fillter is faster than NVIDIA’s).

What type of algorithm comes good on OpenCL and OpenGL??
When must we use OpenCL, openGL interoperability??
PLease do replay me i am good at opencl but new to opengl sorry if i have any silly questions.:frowning:
Device quadro NVS 295.

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