OpenCL on Nvidia tesla K20c

Hi everyone. My name is Dean. I am a sophomore in computer science major. I have only know and understand on java and c++. I currently been ask to try to set up an opencl code for a GPU of nvidia tesla K20c. After searching online for tutorial, i found this forum. I am hoping you guys can give me some direction to start my research. I am really lost here. All the tutorial online require some in dept understanding about programming code, and i can’t follow. Is there any tutorial that tell me exactly what need to be done or at least a simple “Hello work” app on openCL.

I am working on window 10 and using visual studio for c++ code.

Download AMD APP SDK. It has a great collection of sample apps with every step explained. Much of hello world code is boilerplate you don’t really need to understand until you get to build a real world application.

Thank for your answer salabar. I have try few example and i run into this problem.
This line #include<CL/cl.h> cause the problem cannot open source file but when i change it to #include<cl.h> it work.
Same go for #include <CL/cl_platform.h> does not work but #include <cl_platform.h> work.

Does it make any different later on? Is there something wrong with my SDK?

I am using Nvidia Cuda 7.5 for both Window 7 and window 10. Same problem. Should i download a different version of Cuda?

If it works and detects your GPU, it probably shouldn’t be a problem.