OpenCL name usage

For software made by me (together with a couple of colleagues - i am a student, computer science)
can we use “OpenCL” as part of the title?
I (we) don’t intend in selling and/or distributing our software/code other than through a license like the GNU GPL. The project at this point is too complex to be developed in all areas in the same rithm and i’ve thought that splitting it up into parts that may work together but do not have to is not a bad idea.
Even though the ideas behind may apply (and code may be changed without difficulty) to other languages than OpenCL most of the stuff was thought/built having in mind OpenCL.

The project WHC [1] could be broken into :

WHC OpenCL IDE - IDE for OpenCL
WHC Clinfo - system hw info
WHC OpenCL Network Workload Balance
Am i allowed to do this ? If not could you please detail what restrictions are imposed concerning this matter/ where could i find more info ? (most info was regarding implementing OpenCL, i managed to find a similar problem - regarding another IDE - but the answer din not clarify anything in my case)

Thanks in advance for any info.


May i use my institution name (Polytechnic University of Bucharest) -even if i’m currently only a student- as licensee or should i leave that field blank ?

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t work for Apple. Personally, I would include the name of the university.