OpenCL for Power8 Machines

Hi all, I’m a Computer Engineering Student from Brazil and doing some research on Power Machines at the OpenPower Lab. At this point, I’m asked to set up OpenCL for Power Machines, but I can’t find any resource on how to do it on the Internet.
Can somebody help me on how to it or answer if Its even possible?

Sorry about the bad english and Thank you so much!

Are there / opencl.lib binaries and cl.h headers in system directories? In this case all you need to do is link your program with, add include directories with the header and add "#include <cl.h> to your C/CPP file. Otherwise you have to install OpenCL package for your operating system, so consult IBM documentation or client support.

Thanks for the answer. That’s the problem. I’m searching for OpenCL package for Power Archtecture, but any resource about that is too old and seems to be not avaiable anymore.