opencl can be used in visual studio 2010?

Hi, everyone
I wonder if opencl has a version for visual studio 2010? thanks!

OpenCL is not tied to any one specific development platform, environment, etc. I would recommend you download either the NVIDIA or ATI GPU Computing SDKs and examine how they set up and organize their projects. They have solutions for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, but I have not seen them for 2010 yet, but I know from personal experience that you can use 2010 with OpenCL.

yes, you are right, thank you very much!

I’m personally using openCL on visual studio 2010 right now.

NVidia has released CUDA SDK 4.0rc2, which start support VS2010. I’ve been compiled OpenCL programs on VS2010 already.

I am using AMD APP SDK 2.4 on Visual Studio 2010 Professional so it should work for you too!

Shortly: yes it can be used with Visual 2010.

After installing sfuff from here
you have to setup VisualStudio solution according to this tutorial

Write a little bit of code, do #include <CL\cl.h> and complile. Personally I think you will encounter problem with shrUtils / oclUtils. There is a big solution with a lot of projects included - called oclRelease I think but first try compiling shrUtils / oclUtils only. If there will be problem with “Stopwatch” class simply locate files which can not be found (these files exists somewhere in provided projects) and copy them to “common/src” folder - but which one - I don’t remember exactly, probably C/common/src. Just check where are other files included in shrUtils/oclUtils and copy there missing files taken from other location. Now shrUtils/oclUtils should compile and it allows you to compile oclRelease if you want (be aware to fully compile it you need also Windows SDK/DirectX SDK).

Sorry that my advices are not so precise but I wrote this post AFTER setting OpenCL in VS2010. Actually it was 30 minutes ago but I have bad memory :wink:

Good luck.