opencl and study

I’m new to opencl and i wish start a plane of study on it.
I know opengl and shader and a little of cuda, but it’s not open then i’m wish migrate to opencl.
What are some good books or some specific documentation for opencl?
for start .
For debug in cuda i using nvidia nsight that is very good , there is something like tis for opengl?
i have an nvidia 290 gtx

The opencl specification is the most important document - readable and well written, followed by the vendor programming guides (and both gpu vendors documentation is generally applicable to either’s products) . I don’t know personally about any books, but there are some - i suppose check the reviews on the book shop sites. It helps if you know C already, but the hardest part is the paralleisation[sic], and that’s something you just have to learn the hard way: by doing.

CUDA and OpenCL are just thin layers over the same backend on nvidia, so maybe the same tools work - but i don’t know as i never had access to them. Last I took much notice of nvidia they seemed to be pushing cuda all the way, and particularly with their latest consumer cards gp-gpu on those seems somewhat de-emphasised by them.

And for debugging one can use the CPU backends of AMD or Intel too.

Check the archives or do an internet search for more info - it’s out there.