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Today, The Khronos Group publicly releases the OpenCL 3.0 Provisional Specifications. OpenCL 3.0 realigns the OpenCL roadmap to enable developer-requested functionality to be broadly deployed by hardware vendors, and it significantly increases deployment flexibility by empowering conformant OpenCL implementations to focus on functionality relevant to their target markets. OpenCL 3.0 also integrates subgroup functionality into the core specification, ships with a new OpenCL C 3.0 language specification, uses a new unified specification format, and introduces extensions for asynchronous data copies to enable a new class of embedded processors. The provisional OpenCL 3.0 specifications enable the developer community to provide feedback on GitHubbefore the specifications and conformance tests are finalized.

To cater to a widening diversity of OpenCL devices, OpenCL 3.0 makes all functionality beyond version 1.2 optional. All OpenCL 1.2 applications will continue to run unchanged on any OpenCL 3.0 device. All OpenCL 2.X features are coherently defined in the new unified specification, and current OpenCL 2.X implementations that upgrade to OpenCL 3.0 can continue to ship with their existing functionality with full backwards compatibility. All OpenCL 2.X API features can be queried, and OpenCL C 3.0 adds macros for querying optional language features.

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OpenCL and SYCL Panel Discussion - 8am PT - 28th April.
Use the following link to join the meeting and post your questions about OpenCL 3.0

The discussion kicks of with a short introduction to OpenCL 3.0 and the latest SYCL updates and then moves to an interactive Q&A session. The panel includes several members of the OpenCL and SYCL working groups as well as leading members of the development community. This session provides an ideal opportunity to have your OpenCL and SYCL questions answered.

To join the slack channels that are discussing this panel session and the other parts of the IWOCL & SYCLcon 2020 program you can register at:

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