OpenCL 2.2 sources and prebuilt binary packages

For many years I programming via OpenCL 1.2 and did not even think about switching to something else, but after reading about the new features of OpenChl 2.2 I was very impressed. Tell me please, where you can download the sources of OpenCl 2.2 that they could be builded by hand or may be is already collected binary libraries under Windows?
If officially they have not yet come out, where can I download the latest version of sources for build library?

Ohh… stupid question… Nothing changed. Headers you should download from Khronos Registry
Download lastest available files from section OpenCL 2.1 (opencl.h, cl_platforms.h and so on) and also take cl2.hpp from github
make dir like this:

CL/all cl header

library you should take from specific hardware manufacturer, e.g. AMD - install AMD APP SDK v3.0 and your libraries will be placed here C:/Program Files (x86)/AMD APP SDK/3.0/lib/x86_64/OpenCL.lib