Open Source Java code for COLLADA 1.4.1

I have upgraded the Whoola code from COLLADA 1.4 to 1.4.1.

You can see demos here:

Whoola Cyberspace – 3D browser

Whoola COLLADA Converter – converts to COLLADA format

The import/export code works with Xith, an Open Source scene graph renderer for Java:

The Java source code is available under the terms of Open Source licenses:

Javadoc: … mmary.html … mmary.html

Also, I created a method to fix a Google Earth COLLADA XML document to make it schema-compliant: … ml#line.76

I have updated the Whoola COLLADA Library to use JAXB 2 instead of JAXB 1.

One of the differences is that JAXB 2 can compile the entire COLLADA schema as you can see from the list of classes in the javadoc:

Customized JAXB 2 Bindings for COLLADA 1.4.1: … iew=markup

The source code used to be split between the Whoola and the Xith CVS repositories. All of the code is now at the Whoola CVS repository. You can access the code and the demos here:

The code provides a COLLADA and Google Earth loader for Xith, an Open Source Java scenegraph API and renderer. I am thinking of creating a loader for the Java3D API reference implementation as well.

Whoola COLLADA Library release … _id=154144

Whoola Cyberspace can now be deployed as an applet embedded in a webpage:


I want to add import/export of COLLADA format to our 3D java library jReality ( I guess I should start converting the xith-tk code, or would you suggest a different starting point? Our code is available under a BSD license, does that conflict with your license(s)?



Is the software/site still actively being maintaned? I have problem connect to the URL.

Is the Collada-Java API documentation inside the jar file?