Open Source COLLADA Converter

I have created an Open Source COLLADA Converter:

[admin: Note that this page has Java and can cause Mozilla to crash if you are using an older Java run-time. If you have this problem update your Java run-time.]

howdy from austin, croft… :wink:

i think it would be handy, if this is to run in-browser, for the converter code to run on the server, and to use a simple html file upload form. since most server-side environments can execute arbitrary scripts / external programs, it ought to be possible to combine a wide array of converters in different languages into a single super-adapter-thing.

alternately, it might be cool to have a gui java app which uses some cross-platform window library such that it can be executed native-ish-ly on pretty much any platform and convert files in any direction needed.

it should even be possible for the same conversion and file-handling code to power both systems…

… i’d choose python over java, but to each his own … ;d

Howdy from Dallas.

For this conversion utility, I am using the importers contributed to the Open Source Java project Xith, a scene graph renderer. Once it is in Xith format in memory as a scene graph, I then export it to COLLADA. Using Xith as the intermediary means I don’t have to write my own importers but it does have the disadvantage of losing some information and restricting deployment options.