Open Max Core Query

I am new to Open Max Technology. Can any one please help me on solving these basic queries?

What is Open Max Core? Is any specification available for Open Max Core.

I would like to Port Open Max Core for Windows CE 6.0 Operating system? Is there a port already available for Windows CE 6.0 OS?

If i sign an Open Max Adopters mempership? Can i get sample Open Max Core implementation from Khronos Group?

The OpenMAX|IL core provides some basic functionality (much by provided macros). A simple implementation doesn’t take much code.

Section 3.2 of the IL 1.1.2 specificaiton covers the Core.

A basic core doesn’t have many OS dependencies. Most of the complexity in implementing an IL Core is from optional support, e.g. dynamic discovery of components. I don’t know of any non-basic implementations that are public.

I don’t believe that one is currently included in the Adopters’ package (other than the macros in the header file).

There is an Open Source implementation of OpenMAX IL called Bellagio ( This includes a basic IL core, which, licensing issues aside, may be a good place to start. I would caution that this implementation is not conformant, but I would not expect significant issues with its Core implementation.