Open gl to Direct 3d

I’m running a trident cyberblase 8mb based notebook and there is no support for open gl for it, so I cannot play quake 3 or any
other game or software that uses opengl. So Im hopefuly tring to find a painless way to solve this, Ive herard of opengl to direct 3d and I’m not sure if it exsits or whatever but If anybody knows where this is then tell me please and if not knows how to get open gl to run on this video card, please post an answer or email one to me at Any help is GREATLY apreciated.

Yep, there is something that lets u run opengl w/o havin an opengl card… but i warn u… it might be slow! Its called SciTech GLDirect… Link:

A little quote from their site:
“SciTech GLDirect allows you to run OpenGL-based games and other applications
using your graphics card’s DirectX 6.x drivers.”

Hope this helps!

It did VERY much, but it runs out in 21 days, any others or do you have a crack?

Never mind I found one. Thanks again you saved my ass