Open GL problems with Geo 2 ultra on screen res above 1280x1024?

I have an Athlon 900
Creative Geoforce 2 ultra
Open Gl games work great on resolutions of 1280x1024. When I try to raise the resolution above that for any open gl game the game will fail to load the open gl drivers. What is the deal. I have the latest drivesr from nvidia as well as from open gl.Since i have a via chipset mobo I have installed the newest drivers on non turbo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is really annoying, I bought this 19 inch monitor and wanted to check out high resolutions but am unable to. Thanks in advance

Go to, get their Detonator 3 reference drivers, do a complete format of your hard drive, reinstall Win98, install DirectX 8, install the reference drivers, install all the other drivers and everything else you want and be happy Although not necessarily the easiest way to do it, it is certainly the best. I fixed an issue with my Geforce2 GTS crashing a lot in this way, and Windows performs quite a bit better now too