I just bought a Geforce 4 TI4200 128MB to replace my old Voodoo 5 5500 thinknig how great things would be to have state of the at graphics bla bla bla. Now I can’t play MOHAA or SOFII due to the dreaded "could not load open gl subsystem. You can guess how I feel, especially as the card is an open gl “compatibility guaranteed” one. I feel a bit cheated to say the least. Any tips anyone???

I think i have the same problem as you, you can see my post which dates from yesterday.

What is your mother board ? (i think the problem is du to the MB)

I think what is important is to uninstall all of 3dfx’s opengl .dll’s from your game folder first. It was easy for me because i was running wicked3d’s ( opengl drivers with my voodoo3 3000 and wicked3d had their own uninstaller built in for every game.

Then make a sub-folder in your game directory with \gldrv e.g C:\SofF2\gldrv .
Then copy into that folder the file nvopengl.dll which you’ll find in one Window’s folder somewhere.
See if that works.

Had all sorts of crashs with g4 ti4600. Bought it 3-15-02. Comp usa is where i bought it and after trying all sorts of driver updates with nothing helping. They gave me a new one and it is working perfectly. Counter Strike with the best image quality i am getting 71 fps and NO CRASHES all afternoon. Try to get a replacement if all else fails they have a lifetime waranty.