Open_Gl, Halflife/mods and anyother games

Okay I think it might be Direct X but I dont know so anyways I try running HL and mods in Gl or D3D and when it goes into the map it freezes and gets these weird lines and stuff and you have to restart. This also happens with other games like GTA3 Warcraft 3 NFS Hotpursuit 2

here are specs

Win XP
Sparkle 128 Nvidia Geforce 4 TI 4200

I have a Geforce 4 mx 440, and I had a similar problem when running half-life in running in opengl mode on windows 98se. This is kind of a weird way to fix a problem, but try starting regular half-life with no “-game” text in the command line. Then, start a halflife map in opengl mode. When I had this problem, the screen would get screwed up when I started it, but I could push escape and then push resume game and the screen would be fine. Weird way to play a game, but try it, I hope it works!

i have a problem similar to this. i try to start playing counter-strike(the half-life mod) and while i am connecting to the server, i can only see the bottom half inch of the game, but its at the top of the screen. when i getin to the server i try hitting escape and resuming but the problem is still there. and ideas?

i have no problem with it freazeing or thing at top of screen
all i know i never had a patch it might be the patches