Open GL for Television Broadcast

I am looking into the use of Open GL for use within the Television industry in particular:
1)Making a scene/s
2)Using external information to interact and change that scene.
3) Output Live for broadcast.

I have several projects which this maybe applicable to and am looking for an expert to discuss / work with.


It’s possible, you need a graphics card with genlock capability for that environment (nvidia for example has high end products that do this) so that you will generate video at the appropriate refresh rate and it can be cut etc. with everything else, and of course you’ll lock 3D rendering swapinterval to the field rate.

Depending on what else you want to do you may need alpha out and additional keying hardware for compositing.

Meeting frame rate & performance requirements etc. is a whole other issue.

Cheap & cheerful you can get video out on most cards but it’s not broadcast quality and won’t be genlocked.

The software needed to do this is too complex a question you need to get specific and there will be multiple elements, the content creation and the real-time rendering with interraction.

Dorbie. Thanks for the response - I have knowledge of all the above except the scene building and interfacing with data. I was hoping there was a program for building and controlling a 3D scene which I could find someone with experience in using and collaborate with them.