Open GL & Flight Simulator 2002

Hi Everyone, I have Windows Me & have no trouble running open gl with Nascar Racing 2002. I would like to run OpenGL with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. I know Bill Gates probably doesn’t allow his games to run with the Open Gl application. My FPS in Nascar 2002 are anywhere from 25-60. In the Flight Simulator FPS are a whopping 4-11, lol. I do not have a AGP port so I’m running a PCI Nvidia MX 420 64MB. Also to disable my on board video card, I have to uninstall the Intel 810-815 drivers and install a standard video display adapter and disable it. Is my PCI card getting funneled through the onboard card still? I’ve tried all the usual stuff like cutting back on the graphics, sounds, 16 bit, 32 bit and the screen resolutions. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it…Thanks, ledp18