Open Gl CAD rendering -video card performance

Hi group,

First time here. I use a program called Chief Architect that uses Open GL rendering. I currently have an Nvidia geForce go 6800 with 256 mb of ram on my laptop. Does anyone know if the 7900 series with 500 mb would perform much better?
I just returned a laptop with a Nvidia Quadro 2500m with 512 mb as id did not perform much better tha the card I have now. Someone told me the Quadro actually had older technology and that was probably the reason for the lack of increased performance. Most talk is about gaming and I am having trouble getting information on my type of application. Any infor appreciated.


Dennis Gavin

It is the same core technology shared by the same generations of Quadro and GeForce.
You as a customer will pay a lot more for Quadro because of specific technology used by common CAD systems. It is really the market that allows GeForce to drive profit margin lower.
There used to a pdf from NVIDIA on the differences between Quadro and Geforce.
Here is the pdf:


Thanks for the reply. If it is the same PDF I saw before it was all Greek to me. FOr open GL rendering there did not seem to be much difference with the quadro so the cad specific functions must not be related to that.


It’s simple, pure openGL rendering (games specifically) should not be affected in quadro cards that much, but there are more things in the pipeline like the logic operations that can slow it down marginally.

Everything that differs between quadro and GeForce is some specific optimizations that will make overlapped windows rendering run better by using logic operations, overlay planes and multiple clip regions.
However quadro cards are not that much better than their gaming counterparts, i once used a quadro 500 at school and it’s gaming counterpart at home using the same software(wow, ut2004 and maya included) and i didn’t notice any significant difference in any application.