Open GL and Wind 2000 w/voodoo3

cannot open subsystem…

Win2k pro with service pack 2 and voodoo3

need some help

You need to install your Graphics Card drivers that have OpenGL suppport, the drivers that Windows pops on as default have no OpenGL Support. The drivers from your manufacture should work, but since Voodoo is no more, try to get the drivers.

Better yet, go to, click on downloads, download the VooDoo 5 Win2K 1.04.00 drivers. After that, extract the file to a temp directory, then go into the voodoo3 properties page, click update drivers, click have disk…, and locate the .inf file that you extracted from your download, and use that. It will tell you that it is not supported, but use it anyway. The voodoo 4/5 was built off of the voodoo 3 chips, so it will work. I have the same setup. It will give you 32-bit rendering capability, and better performance than the voodoo 3 drivers for win2k. Also make sure that directx 8.0a for win 2k is installed.

Sorry, mistyped the url