Open GL 1.1 or Latest (How to get?)

I need the “Open Gl ver 1.1” for my nvidia quadro 2 pro card to run Maya.
Can someone tell me where to get this version(I currently have 1.0) and tell me how to go about installing it? I am not too tech savvy
and apparently my IBM support has run out!
I am running Windows 2000 ser pak 4 on an IBM Intellistatiion.
Thanks very much.

OpenGL 1.1 is included in every version of Windows since Win95(B).

What you need is an display driver that supports OpenGL. The ones that come with Windows dont do that so you need to go to and download and install the appropriate driver for your quadro card.

Its a simple “click” install, just make sure you disable any antivirus software while you install the driver because otherwise it cant register itself properly.